– New python project

Today I released a new free  Python project,

It is an online pcidss compliance scanner application fully written in Python. This will help you to check your website /  server to find the most important  vulnerabilities  in your server environment.

Project Page :

How it will help the shopping cart/website owners or sellers?
You can check your website and confirm whether it is secured against PCI DSS compliance. This will give much confidence and security in your online transaction via credit-card and other payment mechanisms available on your website.

How it will help a buyer ?

If you are going to purchase a product from an online shop, you can check that those website have PCI security and your credit card processing is secured. So you can trust your transactions . Even if the shopping cart is ssl protected, there are chances to get vulnerabilities inside SSL like anonymous authentication.

This is a  first beta release of this program.  We will try to add new features and compatibility of  almost all servers.

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